Alex Chao Symposium (Special Topics in Accelerator Physics)

October 25, 2019

Kavli Auditorium (B51-102), SLAC


08:00 am Morning Refreshments and Check-in    
08:30 am Welcome Chi-Chang Kao SLAC
08:45 am Adventures with Alex - from SSC to the Handbook Maury Tigner Cornell
09:15 am Alex Chao - an influential and dedicated educator Weiren Chou Fermilab
09:45 am Alex Chao - the dynamic professor in accelerator Mei Bai GSI
10:15 am Group photo and Coffee break    
10:45 am Beam Polarization in the Electron Ion Collider Ferdi Wileke BNL
11:15 am Some aspects of the impedance-induced coherent
instabilities in circular particle accelerators
Elias Metral CERN
11:45 am Progress and Perspective on Lepton Colliders Qing Qin IHEP
12:15 pm Lunch Break    
01:30 pm Alex Chao-pre SSC (some stories when he was young) Ron Ruth SLAC
02:00 pm Alex Chao: Three Decades of Educating the
Next Generationof Accelerator Scientists at USPAS
Bill Barletta MIT
02:30 pm Alex and NSRRC - Zero to Infinity of Accelerator Physics
in 30 Years
Kuotung Hsu NSRRC
03:00 pm Coffee break    
03:30 pm Doubly-magic frozen spin storage ring as electric dipole
moment probe of physics beyond the standard model
Richard Talman Cornell
04:00 pm Status of the SSMB Studies in Tsinghua University Renkai Li Tsinghua U.
04:30 pm Intrabeam scattering, coupling and electron storage rings:
experience from my PhD with Alex Chao
Boaz Nash Radiasoft
05:00 pm Echos of Friendship and A Shared Journey: Colliding Protons,
Spinning Electrons, Growing Waves and Shrinking Phase-space
Swapan Chattopadhyay NIU/Fermilab
06:00 pm Reception at SUSB Lobby (separate registration required)