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Scattering amplitudes are the arena where quantum field theory directly confronts experiment. At the LHC, quarks and gluons inside each proton slam together, producing a cornucopia of jets, electroweak bosons, the occasional Higgs boson, and perhaps the needles of new physics inside the haystack of the Standard Model. Advances in our theoretical understanding of scattering amplitudes have a practical benefit: they enable more precise predictions of Standard Model cross sections at the LHC, which in turn assist experimental measurements and searches for new particles. Yet these advances have also revealed beautiful and intriguing structures and patterns, both within individual theories and relating different theories to each other, which suggest that our fundamental understanding of quantum field theory is far from complete. June 18-22, SLAC will host the international conference Amplitudes 2018, which is devoted to the study of scattering amplitudes and related topics. Some of the topics to be explored include:

  • New mathematical structures behind scattering amplitudes
  • Relations between scattering amplitudes in different theories, such as double-copying gauge theory into gravity
  • General structure of multi-loop integrands
  • Polylogarithmic and elliptic structure of multi-loop integrals and amplitudes in field theory and string theory
  • Infrared structure and soft theorems
  • Integrability
  • AdS/CFT and strong coupling
  • Advances relevant for LHC physics

The Amplitudes series of international conferences began in 2009 and has grown in scope every year. Amplitudes 2018 will be the tenth in the series; previous editions were held at

Future conferences in the series will be held at


All talks at Amplitudes 2018 will be in SLAC's Kavli Auditorium, which is located in Building 51. See the map on this page.

The week before Amplitudes 2018 a pedagogical school will be held at the Center for Quantum Mathematics and Physics (QMAP) at UC Davis.

Amplitudes 2018 is cosponsored by the Mani L. Bhaumik Institute at UCLA

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Public lecture

There was a special public lecture given by Nima Arkani-Hamed on Tuesday June 19, 7:30-8:30pm in the Panofsky Auditorium, Bldg. 53 (SLAC Main Building). You can find the recording here