Stanford Guest House

The preferred hotel for this workshop is the Stanford Guest House, located on-site at the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory. You can book your room by phone or by email. Please mention the room block for Amplitudes 2018 (code AMP18) when you make the reservation. Please note that the room block will expire on April 3 2018. You may still book rooms from the general inventory of the guest house after that date. The number of rooms on Sun, June 17 is limited due to the Stanford graduation weekend. If the guest house is sold out on that day, please try alternative options. To make your reservations by phone, please call the Stanford Guest House at (650) 926-2800.


Alternative Accommodation

Nearby hotels are listed on this page. Please note that public transportation around SLAC is very limited. A rental car is recommended if you plan to stay at an offsite hotel. Some suggestions to consider are:
  • The Cardinal Hotel: Located at downtown Palo Alto close to CalTrain station and Marguerite shuttle hub. Easy walking to many restaurants and bars. May be one of the best options in case you don't have a car. For those with a rental car, this is among the very few places you have to check the parking instructions on their web page due to its downtown location. There can be large rate differences from rooms with shared hall way bath to suites so that attention is needed on selected room type.
  • The Red Cottage Inn &Suites: Located in Menlo Park, which has been favored by many regular SLAC visitors. Having a rental car will make staying at this hotel more convenient.
  • If your budget is flexible enough to allow ~$190/day rates, there are two places Stanford Terrance Inn and Creekside Inn which offer improved accommodation and extra benefit of providing transportation to SLAC.
  • If budget is the dominant concern, there are motel options where rates can be down to the $80/night level. This can include some large motel chains but their rates can vary depending on time of year. There are more low cost choices if the search radius is enlarged to 6-7 miles (10km), especially towards Redwood City, but one needs to be aware of the transportation consequences. These motels look unimpressive from the outside and may be without much of a lobby, but on the practical end of the interior of your own room they are as good as many starred hotels in big European cities. Some low cost options may not show in general searches (e.g. Expedia) so that it is worth browsing the off-campus hotels list to check some of them directly. Some suggestions are the Comfort Inn, the Days Inn and the Pacific Euro Hotel.
  • You may also want to try AirBNB.

If you don't want to get a rental car while staying off campus, it may be worth checking with people you know if they are staying at the same hotel and with a rental car you can share, which will save some time compared to the Marguerite shuttles which will have stops on the way and most likely take one shuttle change to get to SLAC.
If you have specific questions on accommodation, you may want to contact the organizers.