Lunch Options

Lunch is not provided during the conference. There are a number of lunch options available on-site.


The SLAC Cafeteria on the 2nd floor of SUSB (Building 53) will be open for lunch. More information can be found on the SLACafé website.

Quadrus Conference Center

The Quadrus conference center is across the road from SLAC. See the map below for details on how to reach it.

Sharon Heights Shopping Center

Sharon Heights Shopping Center features Eric's Deli and some other lunch options. See the map below for details on how to reach it.

EAT Club

In an effort to expand the food service available, EAT Club began delivering meals to several locations at SLAC. You can review daily selections and place your orders online in advance using a personal credit card. Online registration for this meal delivery service takes just a few minutes. Sign up for a free account and pre-order meals (even several days in advance if you like) at Orders to Eat Club by 10:30 am will be delivered around noon to the location you specify for pickup: Building 51 – Kavli 2nd Floor, see the SLAC Map.

Starbucks Kiosk at SLAC

A Starbucks kiosk is located near the Guest House for weekday walk-up coffee, breakfast, snacks and lunch. The kiosk will be open from 6 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday.