DOE Accelerator Safety Workshop
Kavli Auditorium, Building 051

SLAC Linear Accelerator Center

7:45 AM  Registration, Pre-workshop Collaboration

8:30 AM






 Axel Brachmann (SLAC AD NC Linac and FEL Division Director)
 and Scott Wenholz (DOE SLAC Site  Office)
 Readiness for Operations (David Freeman, ORNL)
8:45 AM  Update on ESS and regulatory look forward  Peter Frisk (Swedish Radiation Safety Authority)
9:05 AM  ESS status and plans moving forward  Sigrid Kozielski (ESS)
9:25 AM  Implementation of DOE O 420.2C  Jessica Malo (PPPL)
9:45 AM  Regulation of Accelerators in Canada  Yani Picard (Canadian Regulatory Authority)
10:05 AM  Break
10:25 AM  Instrument Readiness reviews for Beamlines at NSLS-II  Andrew Ackerman (BNL)
10:45 AM  ESRF Upgrade  Paul Berkvens (ESRF)
11:05 AM  XFEL Startup Issues - Radiation Safety  Norbert Tesch (DESY)
11:25 AM  ARR Approach – LCLS-II  John Corlett (SLAC)
11:45 AM  Adding Accelerators to Accelerators  Ed Lessard (BNL)
12:05 PM  Lunch (no host)
 Accelerator Operations (Terry Priestly, LANL)
1:20 PM  Production of Medical Isotopes at C-AD  Ed Lessard (BNL)
1:40 PM  Update – Status of ELI Beamlines  Petr Prochazka (ELI Beamlines)
2:00 PM  Upgrades to Accelerator Safety Systems  John Bombard (ORNL SNS)
2:20 PM  Change out of Inner Reflector Plug  Christie Elam (ORNL SNS)
2:40 PM  DAHRT – Shift in Maintenance Philosophy  Evan Spence (LANL DAHRT)
3:00 PM  Break
 Experiment Safety (John Woodford, ANL)
3:20 PM  NSLS-II Beamline Hazard Assessment using Electronic Experimental Safety Review System  Lori Stiegler (BNL)
3:40 PM  Approach to the Assessment and Categorization of Toxic Hazard Represented by Toxic Gases  Petr Prochazka (ELI Beamlines)
4:00 PM  Safety at the National Fusion Facility DIII-D Tokamak  Richard Lee (DIII)
4:20 PM  Gas Injection at SNS  Jake Platfoot (ORNL SNS)
4:40 PM  Laser Safety Systems for the LCLS-II and FACET-II Photo-Injectors  Igor Makasyuk (SLAC)
5:00 PM  Daily Wrap-up, Workshop Adjourn  Tommy Michaelides (ORNL) and Igor Trelub (LLSO)
5:40 PM  Reception: SLAC Quad  SLAC
8:00 AM  Pre-workshop Collaboration  
8:30 AM  Welcome and Recap  
 Decommissioning and Sustainability (Elaine Marshall, Sandia)
8:45 AM  Clearance Protocol for Potentially Activated Materials  Ian Schaller (ANL)
9:05 AM  Metals Moratorium Update  Mike Epps (DOE HQ)
9:25 AM  Holifield Accelerator SF6 and other Disposition  Alan Tatum (ORNL)
 Configuration Management (Susana Reyes, LBNL)
9:45 AM The ESS Ion Source and LEBT Test Stand Safety Readiness Review (SRR) from a Personnel Safety System (PSS) Perspective  Stuart Birch (ESS)
10:05 AM  Break
10:25 AM Configuration Management at LBNL Accelerators and Challenges  Susana Reyes (LBNL)
10:45 AM  Graded Configuration Management at JLAB  Bob May (JLAB)
11:05 AM  USI Process – From Guide to Practice  David Freeman (ORNL), Ed Lessard (BNL)
11:35 AM  The Radiation Safety Work Control Form process: A means of managing safety system configuration.  Zoe Van Hoover (SLAC)
11:55 AM  Lunch (no host)

1:00 PM




 Tour: Meet at Kavli Auditorium, personal photography welcome (no restrictions)

  • LCLS-II Accelerator and Cryoplant
  • LCLS Experimental Halls
 DRESS CODE FOR TOUR: Long trousers, shirt with sleeves (no tank tops, short sleeve OK) and closed toe shoes (no sandals, please)





3:00 PM  Break
 Succession Planning (Don Cossairt, FNAL)
3:20 PM  How do our younger members want to be mentored?  Open Discussion
 Incidents and Lessons Learned (Harry Fanning, JLAB)
3:55 PM  Recent Experiences and Lessons Learned  John Connolly (ANL)
4:15 PM  ESS Target Accident Scenario  Linda Coney (ESS)
4:35 PM  Incident Preplanning with Your Local Response Agencies  Lance Lougee (SLAC)
4:55 PM  Daily Wrap-up, Workshop Adjourn  Lee Hammons (BNL) and John Houck (DOE ASO)
8:00 AM  Pre-workshop Collaboration  
8:30 AM  Welcome and Recap  
 Status Reports from DOE National Laboratories (Patrick Bragg, INL)
8:45 AM  Argonne National Laboratory  John Woodford
8:55 AM  Brookhaven National Laboratory  Bob Lee
9:05 AM  Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory  Don Cossairt
9:15 AM  Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility  Harry Fanning
9:25 AM  Idaho National Laboratory  Michael Sandvig
9:35 AM  Los Alamos National Laboratory  Terry Priestly
9:45 AM  Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory  Susana Reyes
9:55 AM  Oak Ridge National Laboratory  Sam McKenzie
10:05 AM  Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory  Raymond Camp
10:15 AM  Break
10:35 AM  Sandia National Laboratory  Elaine Marshall
10:45 AM  SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory  John Seabury
 Announcements and Closing
10:55 AM  Announcements and Awards  Mike Epps (DOE HQ)
11:40 AM  Daily Wrap-up, Workshop Adjourn  Mike Epps (DOE HQ)