Thursday, 19th July

Start Time Location Presentation Presenter Affiliation
3:30 pm-
4:00 pm
Panofsky Auditorium

A short presentation about implicit bias and diversity in STEM    [ Video ]

Presentation 1: Science and Diversity--the Ultimate Entanglement

Presentation 2: A Girl in a Physics World

Devon Conradson,
Meriame Berboucha
4:00 pm-
4:30 pm
4:30 pm-
5:30 pm
Panofsky Auditorium

Silicon Valley Adventures — entrepreneurship, video and diversity    [ Video ] Susan Wojcicki


5:30 pm   Adjourn    

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Wednesday, 1st August




Videos and Photos
Start Time Location Presentation Presenter Affiliation
2:00 pm-
3:00 pm
1350 Trinity Conference Room Unravelling the stereotype: an Asian-American in the healthcare world

Jennifer Truong

University of the Pacific
3-3:30 pm   Break    
3:30 pm-
4:30 pm
1350 Trinity Conference Room 

Converging Identities--the LGBTQ+ Experience in STEM:


On Intersectionality: Applying our understanding of symbiosis to the scientific community and general public

Antonia Forster

Sabah Ul-Hasan



The University of California, Merced

4:30 pm   Adjourn    








Thursday, August 9th




Videos and Photos
Start Time Location Speakers Presentation Affiliation

3:00-3:30 pm

Panofsky Auditorium

Devon Conradson


Meriame Berboucha


Youth in STEM--Equality vs. Equity



Lewis and Clark College


Imperial College, London


3:30 pm-
4:30 pm
Panofsky Auditorium

Ashli Stephens

David Taus

Mendel Chuang

Mike Dunne

Raissa Williams

Kelly Gaffney

Panel: The Differences Between Equality and Equity and how Advocating for Equity Promotes Diversity and Inclusion in STEM    [ Video, Photos ]

Native American Health Center


Founder Friendly Labs


Wells Fargo CEO Mobile®