2015 FACET-II Science Workshop

2016 FACET-II Science Workshop





12-16 October, 2015
SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
Menlo Park, CA

All sessions will be held in the Berryessa Conference Rooms
(SUSB, Building 53, Room 2002, second floor, west side​)

FACET-II is a new user facility that will provide unique capabilities to develop advanced acceleration and coherent radiation techniques with high-energy electron and positron beams. FACET-II provides a major upgrade over current FACET capabilities and the breadth of the potential research program will make it truly unique.

A baseline design for FACET-II has been established that progressively increases capabilities in three distinct stages and is captured in the FACET-II CDR. Stage one completes a new photoinjector at Sector 10 and re-establishes operations with high-energy high-brightness electron beams. Stage two will add a new positron damping ring system and allow user runs with high-current positron beams. Stage three will upgrade the chicane in sector 20 for simultaneous delivery of positrons and electrons to the experimental area.

By offering bunch charge ranging from pC to nC, emittance from nm to microns, electrons and positrons, single and double bunches, tailored current profiles of up to nearly 100kA and energy up to 10GeV FACET-II provides experimental capabilities unparalleled anywhere in the world. By leveraging the additional infrastructure afforded by SLAC’s laser group, the FACET laser systems provide multi-terawatt peak powers with state of the art synchronization approaching 10fs.

The FACET-II team is organizing a series of five separate one day-long workshops to discuss the scientific opportunities of this new facility, and refine the technical requirements to ensure maximum impact during early operations and into the future. Each of the workshops will focus on a different scientific topic: plasma acceleration based colliders, plasma driven X-FELs, accelerator physics of extreme beams, Material interactions with extreme fields and Application of Compton based gamma-rays.

The results of these workshops will feed directly in to the science strategy for FACET-II, and will help guide the design, commissioning and ultimate operation of the upgraded facility, as well as informing the R&D roadmap for instrumentation and machine performance.

We encourage everyone interested in applying FACET-II to his or her scientific problems to attend.

October 12 - 16, 2015 WG Leaders Workshop
Monday Pietro Musumeci (UCLA)
Zhirong Huang (SLAC)
Accelerator Physics of Extreme Beams
Tuesday Ioan Tudosa (U. Penn)
Jerome Hastings (SLAC)
Material Interactions with Extreme Fields
Wednesday Andre Seryi (JAI)
Jean-Pierre Delahaye (SLAC)
Plasma Acceleration Based Linear Colliders
Thursday James Rosenzweig (UCLS)
Erik Hemsing (SLAC)
Plasma Acceleration Based XFELs
Friday Vladimir Litvinenko (Stonybrook)
Carsten Hast (SLAC)
Application of Compton Based Gamma Rays