The Workshop will be held in the Redwood Rooms bldg. 48 


Preparing your contributions, please follow the guidelines below:

Overview talks:

  • Duration min 15’ - max 25’ including questions 
  • Content need to address the following 4 points:
  • High-level review of recent projects broadly, including non-HEP applications;
  • New developments, efforts and plans. For example:
    • Exploration of a new technology node
    • Characterization of existing node under new conditions: eg. cryogenic
    • Newly available tools and techniques ;
  • Existing collaborations with other labs and universities;
  • Barriers to collaboration and possible solutions.


Upload Presentations: please use the mirror Indico page here


Poster session: all attendees are encouraged to bring posters on recent activity


Social Dinner: 6:00pm Oct. 5th at Left Bank Menlo Park (map)