Panofsky Auditorium    
08:30   MEC Tour/Registration  
09:30 Chi-Chang Kao Welcome SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
09:40 Cindy Bolme Welcome Los Alamos National Laboratory
09:45 Kramer Akli DOE Perspective DOE Office of Science
10:05 Yu Lin Ultrafast X-ray Studies on the Dynamics of Structural Transitions in Diamondoids Stanford University
10:25 Frank Rosmej Solving Solar Opacity Problems Sorbonne University
10:45 Martin Gorman Pressure-Induced Complexity in Dynamically Compressed Calcium Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
11:05 Eric Galtier Detailed Measurement of Population Kinetics and Transition Rates in NLTE Plasmas SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
11:25 Alessandra Benuzzi-Mounaix Structural Study of Silicates Under High Pressures Relevant for Planetary Mantles Ecole Polytechnique
11:45   Group Photo  
12:00   Lunch and Vendor Exhibitions  
13:15 Farhat Beg Study of Proton Stopping and Energy Deposition in Warm Dense Matter University of Califoria San Diego
13:35 Richard Sandberg High Resolution X-Ray Imaging Mesoscale Dynamic Materials Response Los Alamos National Laboratory
13:55 Emma McBride Measurement of the Transport Properties of Warm Dense Argon SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
14:15 Thomas Duffy Compression of Olivine and Boron Carbide Under Shock Compression Princeton University
14:35 Robin Marjoribanks Continuum Lowering and Ionization Shifts in Matter Heated by X-rays and Intense Laser Fields  University of Toronto
15:00   Break and Vendor Exhibitions  
15:30 Maxence Gauthier In Situ X-ray Diffraction from Isochoric Proton-Heated Warm Dense Silica   SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
15:50 Hae Ja Lee Creation and Measurement of keV Solid-Density Plasma Isochorically heated by Nano-Focused Hard X-ray SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
16:10 Luke Fletcher Structure of Hydrogen SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
16:30 Thomas Tschentscher Status Update on European XFEL/HED Instrument European XFEL
17:00   Poster Session, Vendor Exhibitions and Reception  




  Panofsky Auditorium    
8:25 Arianna Gleason Session Moderator  
8:30 Chi-Chang Kao SLAC Welcome SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
8:50 LCLS Plenary Big picture materials and ultrafast chemistry (Reis) - suggest 35 minutes to leave time for Q&A SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
9:25 Taisia Gorkhover

LCLS Young Investigator Award Talk

SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
9:50   Break and Vendor Exhibitions  
  Kavli Auditorium    
10:00 Rip Collins High Energy Density Science Overview University of Rochester
11:00 Gilliss Dyer MEC Capabilities and Overview SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
12:00   Bagged Lunch  
12:15 User Discussion    
    1.  Priorities for Laser Upgrades  
    2.  Priorities for Standard Configurations  
    3.  Priorities for Diagnostics Improvements or Additions  
    4.  Changes as we move toward LCLS-II  
13:30 Workshops High-Pressure Materials, Energy & Environmental Sciences using SSRL & LCLS (Y. Lee, Y. Lin, H. Cynn) SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
17:00   Adjourn