Author(S) Poster Name
Alexander, Neil Fabrication of Targets for High Intensity Lasers
Alves, Paulo Numerical heating in Particle-in-cell simulations with binary Monte-Carlo collisions
Bailly-Grandvaux, Mathieu Relativistic electron beam transport through cold and shock-heated carbon samples
Boehme, Maximilian Ionization measurements at high-density conditions in capsule implosions at the NIF
Bruulsema, Colin

Time-resolved Measurement of Magnetic Fields from Thomson Scattering Spectra

Chen, Zhijiang Electrical conductivity of warm dense gold measured by single-shot Terahertz time domain spectroscopy
Coleman, Amy Dynamic and Static Compression of Antimony
Curry, Chandra Laser-driven ion acceleration from cryogenic low-Z jets
Descamps, Adrien Towards High Repetition: A high accuracy single photon counting analysis for low probability events at the MEC end-station, LCLS
DiIorio, Stephen Ultrafast Probing of Non-Equilibrium Plasmas Using Laser-Wakefield-Accelerated Electron Bunches
Edghill, Brandon Plasma mirror reflectivity and focal spot quality for glass and aluminum mirrors for laser pulses up to 30 picoseconds
Frost, Mungo Equation of State and Electron Localisation in fcc Lithium
Fruhling, Colton Experimental demonstration of optical injection of electrons into a laser wakefield
George, Kevin High repetition rate liquid targets for the study of high intensity laser-plasma interactions
Gil, Nathanael

Effects of Ion-Correlations on Optical Conductivity and Opacity of Dense Plasmas

Glenn, Griffin Isochoric heating of silicon using laser-accelerated proton beams at the MEC instrument
Gourdain, Pierre-Alexandre The generation of homogeneous warm dense matter samples using pulsed-power drivers
Golovkin, Igor VisRad: New Features and Support for MEC Chamber
Grassi, Anna Weibel-mediated collisionless shocks driven by PW-laser-plasma interaction
Haden, Daniel Characterization of high-energy x-rays produced by laser-matter interactions
Han, Sirus Ramp Compression of Gold to 700 GPa
Hartley, Nicholas Carbon-Hydrogen Demixing and Hydrogen Metallization
Hok, Dara Ultrafast X-ray diffraction measurements of shock-compressed diamondoids
Hua, Rui Self-generated magnetic and electric fields at a Mach-6 shock front in a low density helium gas
Kemp, Andreas Generating near solid-density reacting ion distributions using intense short pulse lasers
Kim, Donghoon High-pressure behavior of forsterite (Mg2SiO4) under dynamic loading
Lee, Hae Ja Shock-drive capabilities of MEC with new continuous phase plates and asphere

LeFevre, Heath

An experiment to observe photoionization fronts on the Omega 60 laser
Lemos, Nuno Ultrabroadband X-ray source from a Self-Modulated Laser Wakefield accelerator for High Energy Density Science
Li, Jun Laser acceleration of mono-energetic and low-divergence titanium ion beams
Ludwig, Joshua Stimulated Raman Scattering from Laser Wakefield Acceleration
MacDonald, Michael Diamond strength measurements above the Hugoniot elastic limit
Mo, Mianzhen Visualization of ultrafast melting initiated from radiation-driven defects in solids
Nagler, Bob X-ray wavefront sensing using Double Frequency shearing interferometry
Preston, Thomas Measurements of the momentum-dependence of plasmonic excitations in matter around 1 Mbar using an X-ray Free Electron Laser
Priol, Yoann High vacuum compatible wave front sensor for focal spot diagnostics and optimization
Starrett, Charles Assessing the Coulomb Log for the Conductivity of Dense Plasmas
Strehlow, Joseph Laser-driven acceleration of titanium ions and the calibration of the ion beam diagnostic
Treffert, Franziska

High-intensity laser hole boring of solid-density wires at the MEC end-station

White, Thomas Observation of Ion Acoustic Waves in Warm Dense Methane
Zingale, Anthony Towards Contrast Enhancement of Ultra-Intense Lasers Using Thin Liquid Crystal Plasma Mirrors