8:00   Participation in LCLS Users' Meeting (registration required)   
  Redwood Rooms    
12:00 Registration    
13:00 MEC Tour (badge required for tour)  
14:00 Gilliss Dyer Welcome SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
14:05 Alan Fry Laser Upgrade at MEC SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
14:35 Siegfried Glenzer HED Applications of bright x-ray lasers SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory 
15:15   Coffee Break   
    LCLS Capabilities  
15:30 Christine Sweeney Computational Automation Workshop Outbrief Los Alamos National Laboratory
15:45 Andy Aquila Opportunities at the Tender X-Ray Instrument  SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
16:00 Arthur Campello Modeling Crossing XFEL Beam Radiation Cornell University
    Hard X-Ray HED Experiments  
16:15 Nicholas Hartley HED Experiments at SACLA Helmhotlz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf
17:00   Participation in LCLS Users' Meeting (registration required)   




  Redwood Rooms        
9:00   Welcome and Introduction  
9:00 Chi-Chang Kao SLAC Welcome SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
9:10 Cindy Bolme Welcome Los Alamos National Laboratory
9:15 Gilliss Dyer Matter in Extreme Conditions: Status and Outlook SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
10:15   Workshop Photo, Coffee Break and Vendor Exhibitions  
10:45 User Discussion    
    1.  Taking full advantage of LCLS-II  
    2.  Diagnostic and detectors  
    3.  Standard configurations and laser capabilities   
    4.  Upgraded facility concept discussion   
12:15   Lunch and Vendor Exhibitions  
13:15 Ulf Zastrau First experiments at the HED instrument at European XFEL European XFEL
14:00   MEC Experiments  
14:00 Hiroshi Sawada Femtosecond time-resolved measurements of short-pulse laser isochoric heating University of Nevada, Reno
14:20 Thomas Kluge Probing of Complex Ultra-Intense Laser-Plasma Interaction and Ionization with RCXD Helmoltz-Zentrum Dresden Rossendorf
14:40 Richard Briggs Probing Liquid-Liquid Phase Transitions under Dynamic Compression Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
15:00   Coffee Break and Vendor Exhibitions  
15:40 Markus Schoelmerich Structure of SiO2 melts at ultrahigh pressures European XFEL
16:00 Thomas Preston Measurement of plasmon damping and conductivity in warm dense matter at pressures exceeding 1 Mbar European XFEL
16:20 Oliver Humphries Imaging electronic structure and valence electron rebinding in dense plasmas via resonant inelastic x-ray scattering University of Oxford
16:40 Philip Hart New and Developing Detectors for HED Science at MEC SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
17:00   Posters and Reception