Start Time Presentation Presenter Affiliation Title
10:00 am Welcome to workshop Dan DePonte LCLS  
10:10 am LCLS overview Mike Minitti LCLS LCLS-II Instruments and First Experiments Update
10:50 am SSRL overview Aina Cohen SSRL Automation and Microfluidic Approaches for Structural Biology at SSRL and LCLS-MFX
11:15 am Break      
11:30 am ALS overview Jinghua Guo ALS Handling chemical, catalytic and electrochemical materials and processes for in-situ/operando soft x-ray
12:10 pm SSRL overview Chris Tassone SSRL Automating beamline experimentation
12:35 pm Lunch      
02:00 pm Automation Chris Jozwiak ALS MART: MAESTRO Area Rapid Transit for high throughput UHV sample handling
02:20 pm Automation Alex Wallace LCLS Sample Delivery System, Controls and Architectures
02:40 pm Automation Doug van Campen SSRL Def: Automation - the extent to which a process is so controlled
03:00 pm Automation TBA    
03:20 pm Discussion & Break      
04:20 pm Microfluidics Thomas Kroll SSRL Following chemical reactions in time using microfluidic mixing
04:40 pm Microfluidics Jake Koralek LCLS Sample Delivery With Microfluidics at LCLS
05:00 pm Microfluidics Cheng Wang ALS In-Situ Electrochemical Cell development for Resonant Soft X-ray Scattering
05:20 pm Microfluidics Thomas Weiss SSRL Automated High Throughput Fluid Handling for Solution Scattering Experiments
05:40 pm Discussion      
06:00 pm Adjourn