Graphic Banner: Photo of Martin Breidenbach and text title "Adventures of a Particle Phycisist"

Martin Breidenbach Symposium

“Adventures of a Particle Physicist”

February 7, 2020
SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
Menlo Park, CA

SLAC hosted a one-day symposium in celebration of the career of Professor Martin Breidenbach.

Speakers traced the evolution of the science that Martin and his colleagues pursued during his years at SLAC.

All presentations took place in the Panofsky Auditorium located in the Science & User Support Building (SUSB).

Watch video of the presentations (video presentations hosted at Vimeo).


Deep Inelastic Scattering James Bjorken SLAC

Discovery of Charm Vera Luth SLAC

The SLD Experiment Charles Baltay Yale

The SLD Vertex Detector Chris Damerell Rutherford Lab

SLD Electroweak Tests Morris Swartz Johns Hopkins U.

ILC - SiD Jim Brau U. Oregon

Development of Artificial Retina EJ Chichilnisky Stanford U.

The EXO Experiment Liang Yang UCSD

A Cool Copper Collider Emilio Nanni SLAC

Science Policy Jim Siegrist DOE

                         Barry Barish Caltech

Program Committee:

Aaron Roodman
Vera Luth
John Jaros
Peter Rowson
Norman Graf
Traci Kawakami


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