photo of Golden Gate Bridge with text P3 2021 bridging theory and application


Dates: Wednesday November 10th - Friday November 12th, 2021
Location: Online Zoom Meeting


Important Dates

Registration Deadline Friday October 29th, 2021
Presentation Teaser Slide Submission Deadline Monday November 1st, 2021
Presentation Submission Deadline Monday November 8th, 2021
Poster Submission Deadline Monday November 8th, 2021


UPDATE 11/08/2021: Zoom links for each session will be sent out by email to all registered attendees prior to the start of the session.


UPDATE 11/04/2021: Details on how the workshop will be conducted

1) There will be 6, 3-hour sessions over 3 days.

2) Each session will begin with 5-6 invited talks. Each talk will be 15-20 minutes (depending on the session) with an additional 2 minutes for Q&A. Because there is a limited amount of time and a significant amount of material to cover, speakers will not be allowed to exceed their allotted time. Each speaker will need to share their screen during their presentation. Please let the session chairs know in advance if this is a problem.

3) After the invited talks have completed, there will be a 20-minute breakout period. During this period, a breakout room will be created for each poster submitted to that session. If there are no posters then there will just be a 10-minute break. Anyone who submits a poster should be available to respond to questions in the breakout room created for their poster. All participants will be able to switch between breakout rooms as desired. Any questions on how this will work should be directed to the session chairs.

4) After the breakout period has concluded, the breakout rooms will be closed and all participants will be invited to reconvene for the main session discussion.

5) Although the sessions are scheduled to last 3-hours, the Zoom meeting will be maintained as long as there is interest - in case participants wish to continue discussing longer.


UPDATE 10/19/2021: Submissions are now being accepted. Please use the submissions tab to upload posters, video recordings of poster presentations, invited talk teaser slides or invited talk presentation slides. Contributed posters should be short PowerPoint presentations, 5 slides or less. Any video recordings that accompany them should be 5 minutes or less. Our plan is to record each invited talk in real time and post the video afterwards. Any invited speaker who would prefer not to have their presentation recorded should let their session chairs know in advance.


UPDATE 9/27/2021: Unfortunately, the global COVID pandemic has not subsided to a level that would allow us to meet in person this year. Accordingly, the workshop has transitioned to being an entirely online event. One positive outcome of this change in format is that there will no longer be any registration fees. Hopefully all participants will be able to reallocate the funds to stock up on sufficient amounts of coffee to stimulate three days of invigorating online discussion!


The Photocathode Physics for Photoinjectors (P3) workshop series was started in 2010 as a gathering of community members to share work on photocathodes. The workshop brings together a diverse group of theorists, materials scientists and condensed matter and accelerator physicists with the common goal of developing the theoretical understanding and practical application of advanced photocathodes.

The next P3 workshop will be co-hosted by SLAC and the NSF Center for Bright Beams. The workshop sessions will be organized according to application, as in previous years, but the format will be slightly modified in order to facilitate quality discussions.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone online this November!