Poster submissions are now open. Please upload posters before the deadline of Monday, November 8, 2021.

Posters can be uploaded as PowerPoint presentations (ppt/pptx/pdf) with less than 5 slides and/or as recordings of the presentations (mpg/mov/avi) of less than 5 minutes in length. Up to two files can be submitted for each poster.

Once uploaded and processed, poster submissions will be available for viewing in the table below.

After the invited talks have completed, there will be a 20-minute breakout period. During this period, a breakout room will be created for each poster submitted to that session. If there are no posters then there will just be a 10-minute break. Anyone who submits a poster should be available to respond to questions in the breakout room created for their poster. All participants will be able to switch between breakout rooms as desired. Any questions on how this will work should be directed to the session chairs.

IMPORTANT: when submitting a poster, please select the session that you feel is the best match for your work.


Presenter Session Title Presentation Recording
Christopher Knill B The Photocathode and Bright Beams Laboratory at Arizona State University Slides Video
Jana Schaber B QE and lifetime study of GaN photocathodes Slides Video
Sonal Mistry B Multi-alkali antimonide photocathodes for Sealab / bERLinPro Slides Video
Liam Soomary B Performance Characterisation of Multiple Cs-Te Photocathodes Slides  
Gevork Gevorkyan B ASU Cryocooled DC Gun and Cathode Diagnostics Slides Video
Houjun Qian C

Metal cathode studies in the high gradient RF gun at PITZ

First green cathode test in the high gradient RF gun at PITZ



Saha Pallavi C Optical and Surface Characterization of Alkali Antimonide Photocathodes Slides Video
Giorgio Guerini Rocco C CsK2Sb Photocathode growth and characterization: from R&D to deposition in a brand new XHV preparation System Slides  
Mengjia Gaowei C Co-deposition of Cs3Sb growth on 4h-SiC Slides  
Christopher Pierce C Beam Brightness from Cs–Te Near the Photoemission Threshold Slides  
Yang Zhou D Theory of Photoelectron Emission from Metal Surfaces Coated with a Nanoscale Dielectric Slides Video
Pengwei Huang D Anomalous correlation between quantum efficiency and transverse momentum spread in semiconductor cathode photoemission Slides  
Holger-Dietrich Saßnick D Exploring Cs-Te Photocathode Materials via High-Throughput Density Functional Theory Calculations Slides  
Sneha Banerjee D Transverse properties of the electron beam emitted from a diamond nanotip Slides Video
Md Aziz Ar Rahman D Study of Quantum Efficiency Enhancement in Different Mie type Nanostructured NEA GaAs Photocathodes Slides  
Christopher Knill E Near-Threshold Nonlinear Photoemission from Cu (100) Slides Video
Louis Angeloni E Transport Mediated Transverse Momentum Filtering in Diamond Slides Video
Alimohammed Kachwala F Photoemission electron microscope(PEEM) for photocathode studies Slides Video