Soft X-ray RIXS Workshop at SLAC

F. M. F. de Groot, T. Kroll

Monday, February 3 - Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Building 48, Redwood Conference Rooms A&B

Monday, 3 February 2020

08:30   Registration - Refreshments 

09.00   Introduction to Soft x-ray spectroscopy (Frank de Groot) 

10:00   Introduction to 2p3d RIXS (Frank de Groot)

11:00   Break - Refreshments 

11:30   Experimental aspects of 2p3d RIXS using grating spectrometers (Wanli Yang)

12:00   Experimental aspects of 2p3d RIXS using a TES detector (Sang-Jun Lee)

12:30   Lunch 

14:00   Non-linear X-ray emission spectroscopy (Uwe Bergmann)

14:45   Applications for 2p3d RIXS:  Batteries (Wanli Yang)

15.45   Applications for 2p3d RIXS:  Bioinorganics (Leland Gee)

16.30   Break

17:00   Introduction to hands-on calculations (CTM and Quanty/Crispy)


Tuesday, 4 February 2020

  9:00   Phonons and magnons in 2p3d RIXS (Chunjing Jia) 

10.00   Time-resolved 2p3d RIXS (Chunjing Jia)

10:30   Break - Refreshments 

11:00   Polarization and angular dependences in 2p3d RIXS (Frank de Groot)

12:00   Lunch 

14:00   Hands-on calculations. (CTM and Quanty/Crispy)