Volunteer Opportunities for SLAC Employees

SAGE-S Volunteers will be involved in the following activities:

  • 30-minute talks: “I am a physicist,” “I am an engineer,” “I am scientist”
  • Shadowing (1.5 hours/day): Show what your daily life is like to small groups of 3-4 students
  • Project mentoring (2 hours for short project, 4 hours for long project): Support hands-on team projects
  • Lunches: Share your career path during informal conversations over lunch (early career engineers and scientists, grad/undergrad/post doc, ALDs)
  • Evening activities at the Stanford campus: movies, games, videos, outdoor fun
  • Other activities: dinners, selection committee, project evaluation committee, Gala Dinner event organizers, tours, daily student coordinators

If you’re interested in volunteering, let us know your availability and interests by completing this form.