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We strongly encourage college bound girls with a passion for discovery and innovation to become a part of the STEM community.

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SAGE-S (SLAC Accelerating Girls' Engagement in STEM) is a one week long on-campus summer camp for public high school students (age 14-17) hosted by the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory's scientists and engineers to share what everyday life in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) profession is like. 

This program aims to foster innovation, grow the STEM community, and engage intelligent, creative, and passionate young women in everyday life of scientists and engineers of the National Laboratories.



SAGE-S is sponsored by the Moore Foundation and SLAC Director Chi-Chang Kao, with executive support from Bruce Dunham, Director of the Accelerator Directorate and Michael Fazio, Director of Technology Innovation Directorate.

Goals for the camp:

  •  To encourage college bound students with a passion for discovery and innovation to become a part of the STEM community
  •  To show that STEM fields offer a diverse set of opportunities: you can balance your interests in artistic expression, historic research, and creative writing with application of your logical thinking, analytic skills, and computational ability.

Goals for the students:

  • To learn about the STEM community and experience what an everyday life of a woman scientist or engineer is like
  • To see how STEM allows you to explore and balance many interests
  • To meet women in STEM at various stages of their career as well as meet and connect with other students with similar interests to become a part of the SAGE-S community.


SAGE Girl: SAGE girl is a perceptive and intelligent, insightful and brave, sophisticated and rational intellectual.