Our Story

SAGE Program - SLAC Executive Committee:
Diana Gamzina and Giulia Lanza - Principal Investigators
Jen Arthur, Rebecca Armenta, Maia Coladonato, Molly Glover, Scott Kaminski, Stefan Moeller, Hannah Pollek, Nikoo Samee, Jane Shtalenkova, Analisa Tan, Machelle Vieux, Dominique White
Loy Oppus-Moe, SAGE Program Coordinator at SLAC

SAGE Program - LBNL Executive Committee:
Romy Chakraborty and Faith Dukes - Principal Investigators
Elina Rios, SAGE Program Coordinator at LBNL

The SAGE Summer Camp piloted in August 2018 with 20 participants from the greater San Francisco Bay Area. 
In 2019, we hosted 40 students from public high schools throughout Northern California.   Volunteers within the SLAC community interacted with the students throughout the day via informal conversations during mealtimes, as well as during the Career Talks,  projects, tours, Job Shadowing, and other activities. 

Due to the pandemic in 2020, SAGE Summer Camp pivoted to a virtual format.  96 students participated and made the best of the situation.  Hands-on projects were made possible via the SAGE Kits that were shipped to students' homes prior to camp.

We warmly encourage SAGE students to apply for SAGE 2021!

What happens after SAGE Camp?

Alumni of SAGE Camp participate in post-camp activities such as SAGE-Live, an online event that features a specific topic.  Some of the topics covered are:    Putting Together Your Resume,  Preparing for a Job or Internship Interview, Designing Your Life (based on Bill Burnett and Dave Evans’s Stanford course, Design Your Life), Quantum Computing, Searching and Applying for Paid Internships.

SAGEx School Clubs have been established at some schools by SAGE Alumni.  Through the clubs, more students are able to avail of resources (e.g. career speakers, tours, etc.) previously available only to SAGE Camp participants.  Through SAGE, students can avail of internship opportunities both in high school and post-secondary.  

We hope that SAGE can be a partner in a student’s journey towards an exciting future.