Parent's Guide

Parent's Guide

Why Sage?

We’re so glad you’re considering sending your child to SAGE Camp. We know as a parent you see all the potential in your child to accomplish great things in this world. It takes a village to help our children thrive, and foster the potential they may not even see in themselves. SAGE Camp wants to be a part of your village.

SAGE is a free, one-week residential camp for a diverse group of public high school students.  The SAGE Mission is to engage curious and passionate young women, and empower them to explore a wide range of possibilities for their future.  

Whatever your child is passionate about, SAGE provides an immersive look into the full, creative, and powerful lives of women who work in STEM. 

Your child will have the opportunity to job shadow scientists, physicists, engineers and more. She will participate in hands-on experiences that show how work in STEM applies to her everyday life, and this experience will empower her to bring positive change to her community and the world. 

SAGE Camp is an important investment in your child’s future. The connections she will make at SAGE will be a valuable source of support and guidance, not just from the professionals that she will meet but also from her peers. 


Next Steps

Please support your student as they apply to SAGE Camp.  As minors, they will need your help in completing the SAGE Application Form as it relates to family information.  They will also need you to certify that the information being submitted is accurate.

Together we can empower our students to expand their vision for what the future holds for them.

Parent FAQs

What parts of the program can parents participate in?

Parents, guardians and family members are invited to attend the first hour of Opening Day of camp:  Sunday, August 1 at 1pm.  The last day of camp, Saturday, August 7 is also open to teachers, parents and family members.  

What environment is best to get the most out of SAGE Camp? (For virtual camp)

It would be ideal to have a quiet environment where the student can dedicate their full attention to the SAGE session/activity.  As much as possible, please minimize distractions and allow students to create productive learning environments during specific camp hours.

Check out more FAQ’s in the Student Guide.