Symposium on Fundamental Physics in Memory of Sidney Drell

Friday, January 12, 2018
Panofsky Auditorium, SLAC

This symposium will review the current state of issues in fundamental physics that Sid initiated and developed during his career and will discuss his broader influence on the physics community.

J. Bjorken, J. Butterworth, D. DeMille, L. Dixon, A. Guth, L. Harland-Lang, D. Hertzog, D. Holloway, R. Jaffe, R. Jeanloz, A. Nelson, J. Primack, J. Sapirstein

Program Committee:
T. Appelquist, M. Chanowitz, M. Peskin, J. Primack

There is no registration fee for the symposium, but please register if you plan to attend.   There will be a reception following the scientific program.

Agenda, Slides, & Videos

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