8:50am : Welcome

Quantum Electrodynamics and the Leptons

9:00am : The precision verification of QED

          Jonathan Sapirstein (University of Notre Dame) slides

9:30am : The magnetic moment of the muon

          David Hertzog (University of Washington) slides

10:00am : The electric dipole moment of the electron

          David DeMille (Yale University) slides


   10:30am:   Coffee Break   

Sid's Students (+1) Today

11:00am : Then and Now

          James Bjorken (SLAC) slides   text

11:25am : The structure of the universe

          Joel Primack (U C Santa Cruz) slides

11:50am : The beginning of time

          Alan Guth (MIT) slides

12:15pm : Teaching the physics of energy

          Robert Jaffe (MIT) slides


   12:40pm:  Lunch Break   


2:00pm : Drell-Yan and other tools for proton structure from the LHC

          Lucian Harland-Lang (Oxford) slides

2:30pm : Quark and lepton scattering at the highest energies

          Jonathan Butterworth (University College London) slides

3:00pm : Substructure of quarks, leptons, and Higgs bosons

          Ann Nelson (University of Washington) slides


   3:30pm:  Coffee Break   

Beyond the Blackboard

4:00pm : Physics of nuclear weapons

          Raymond Jeanloz (U C Berkeley) slides

4:30pm : Drell and Sakharov

          David Holloway (Stanford) slides  poem

5:00pm : SLAC's theoretical physics tradition

          Lance Dixon (SLAC) slides


6:30pm : Reception


"Imitate him if you dare,
World-besotted traveller; he
Served human liberty."
      -- W. B. Yeats