Speaker Information

Indico Setup

We are using the CERN Indico system for the SSI agenda and collection of slides. All speakers will be setup with CERN Indico login with access to upload talks directly themselves. You should therefore try to login to Indico to check if your access is setup correctly. Use the top right corner "login" button to login to Indico will show you username if succeeded. For speakers not yet had an Indico userID, the SSI agenda creation should have generated an automated message to you notifying the presenter assignment. If you don't have a CERN/Indico account, it is very simple to request a lightweight CERN ID online for all CERN Indico usage. If you just obtained a new Indico/CERN ID, please notify us right away as the Indico presenter access to that ID can only be setup properly after that ID is activated. For speakers already have Indico userID, there can still be a caveat of whether the right userID was connected to your talk as many people have a few different userIDs. In case of the very common occurence of you having an existing Indico ID but forgot the password, our original presenter assignment should have indicated which E-mail of yours was associated with the ID was used for the presenter assignment. You can always go to the CERN account password reset page and enter that E-mail to reset the password. All speakers should therefore try to login to Indico to check if your access is setup correctly.

Uploading Slides

If your login userID is the correct one, you should see the upload access symbol

Indico upload symbol

on the right side next to your talk in the time table. If you don't see the upload symbol after successful login, please E-mail us right away to resolve this. Click on the upload symbol will reveal a pull down menu. Selecting "Manage material" will bring up the upload panel:

Indico manage material panel

Click on "Upload File" button will bring up file browser panel on your computer:

Indico file upload panel

to allow you to drag a slide file from the desktop to the upload box use the `choose from your computer' link to navigate to the file. We recommend to only use either power point or PDF formats to guarantee proper display on the console computer. Indico will automatically convert PowerPoint to make PDF also available so that you don't have to convert PowerPoint manually yourself. If the upload is successful, reload the Indico agenda page will show the symbols linked to to the uploaded slides. If there are special display materials other than regular PowerPoint or PDF, you can upload the same way, but please alert the organizers to ensure proper display. 

If the Indico access ended up to be problematic to you, bring a memory stick to the console to upload the talk during a break before your talk.

Slide Projection

We are hoping to run most of the talks from the Kavli Auditorium console (a PC running Windows-7 with the usual MS office and PDF display capabilities) with talks downloaded from Indico or uploaded from mem-stick. If your talk has special features that are only practical to run from your laptop, there is a cable to the projector with HDMI connector (also have adaptor for VGA, Thuderbold). In case we need to go this way, we should arrange a session before the talk to try out the projector connection as the resolution matching between the projector and some laptops may take some tests to figure out the setting. The projector full screen aspect ratio is the modern wide screen format of 16:9, but the projector can detect the classic 4:3 display data to project accordingly wih the right aspect ratio (narrower with leaving unused screen areas on each side). There is also white board near the podium for occasional hand drawn illustrations, but it is not recommended for extensive use as the visibility from the back is not so good.