Poster P13: Freezing-in Dark Matter from Secret Neutrino Interactions


Yong Du, University of Massachusetts-Amherst


We investigate a simplified freeze-in dark-matter model in which the dark matter only interacts with the standard-model neutrinos via a light scalar. The extremely small coupling for the freeze-in mechanism is naturally realized in several neutrino-portal scenarios with the secret neutrino interactions. We study possible evolution history of the hidden sector: the dark sector could undergo pure freeze-in production if the interactions between dark-sector particles are negligible, while thermal equilibrium within the dark sector could occur if reannihilation rate of the dark matter and the scalar mediator is rapid enough. We investigate the relic abundance in the freeze-in and dark freeze-out regimes, calculate evolution of the dark temperature, and study its phenomenological aspects on BBN and CMB constraints, the indirect-detection signature, as well as the potential to solve the small scale structure problem.




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