Poster P23: Neutrino Astronomy and New era of IceCube


ASISH JYOTI BORUAH, Gauhati University,Assam,India


Neutrino Astronomy has emerged to reveal the sources of the highest energy particles in our universe, the so-called ultra-high energy cosmic rays. IceCube observatory has developed a powerful real time follow-up program that targets the detection of transient sources. In collaboration with other observatories, it aims to identify the electromagnetic counterpart of a rapidly fading source or coincident gravitational waves. Single event alerts are distributed publicly as GCN alerts, while multiple alerts are distributed through individual agreements with optical, X-ray, and gamma-ray observatories. Searches for bursts of low-energy neutrinos from nearby supernovas are performed, and above threshold detection is announced rapidly within the SNEWS network. The angular distribution of events is consistent with an isotropic arrival direction of neutrinos which is expected for galactic and extragalactic origin. Through this collaboration estimate the prospects of detecting individual neutrino sources from a quasi-diffuse superposition of many extragalactic sources at the level of the IceCube observation.




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