Poster P26: Shielding travellers to Mars


Alankit Dey, Delhi University


An aim to send humans to Mars and protecting them from extreme radiations in Van Allen belt and the solar activity. This can be possible if the trajectory avoids the most active parts of belt at the same when the activity of the Sun’s cycle is minimum. Also, the Galactic cosmic radiations from outside the solar system from every direction also take part in causing harm to humans and the electronics in spacecrafts. For the radiation dosage absorbed to be least, the flight time and path between Earth and Mars should be minimum. Also, either the shield should be thick enough or made up of efficient materials, keeping in 
mind the cost and the extra mass that would be required to send along with habitat vessel. 
The material chosen should be such that it does not generate secondary radiations or nuclear reactions and should prevent x rays too. Coming in contact with high energy charged particles can also increase the temperature of vessel to high extent hence the material should also be heat resistant.




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