Poster P5: Spacecraft Shielding Design and Dynamics for Journey to Mars


Kshitij Pandey, The ICFAI University, Jaipur


Deep space missions to Mars need spacecraft shields to protect sophisticated instruments and humans from contrary impacts caused by the space radiation environment, predominantly Galactic Cosmic Rays (GCR), Solar Particle Events (SPE), and trapped radiation. The poster presents a comprehensive analysis of the radiation hazards to humans in the space due to these radiations. Several ways to shield the spaceship from these radiations are introduced, and the most effective method of shielding is chosen based on the various parameters. Each shielding method is selected after thoroughly studying the other candidates to make a safe journey to Mars. Space radiation can cause acute radiation syndromes; therefore, it is essential to not only prepare for the physical shielding but also to prepare for the optimal shielding in terms of medical countermeasure. Various parameters have been taken into consideration in order to find best medical countermeasures such as ground-based in vitro pre-flight screening of the candidates, use of Vitamin C to reduce the exposure effect and to cover the essential parts of the body for least radiation exposure



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