Poster P9: A unified approach to study hard as well soft part of transverse momentum spectra


Rohit Gupta, PhD student


Study of transverse momentum spectra is crucial in understanding the matter produced during heavy-ion collision. Transverse momentum spectra (pt) in heavy ion collision consist of two distinct regions:Low-pt region corresponds to particles produced in soft process whereas high pt region is dominated by particles from hard QCD processes. 
Due to the asymptotic freedom in QCD, it is difficult to get a perturbative formalism to study pt spectra in low-pt region hence we rely of different phenomenological approach to study the spectra. On the other end, we have a well established perturbative QCD based power-law form of distribution function for high-pt regime of the spectra. 
We will discuss a generalization of non-extensive statistics to include both soft as well as hard processes. We will present the detail formalism along with the fit results for different pt spectra along with a comparison to other established distribution functions. We will also discuss the relation between fit parameter obtained from pt spectra with the elliptic flow coefficient.





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