Speaker Information

Indico Setup

We are using the SLAC installation of Indico system for the SSI agenda and collection of slides. All speakers will be setup with SLAC Indico login with access to upload talks directly themselves. For those already have a SLAC computing account, you should login to Indico with your SLAC computing account through the LDAP (SLAC Windows) login path (we do not recommend to create a separate Indico account as that will create confusion when meeting chairs assigning presenter as to which account should be used). For speakers not yet had a SLAC Indico userID, the SSI agenda creation should have generated an automated message to you notifying the presenter assignment. Once through the login setup, follwoing Indico agenda top right corner "login" button will show your username if succeeded.  Once logged in, the agenda table should show upload access (see below) for your presentation entry.  If you missed the account creation it is very simple to follow link at the end of the SLAC Indico login page to create a SLAC Indico account. In case you navigated to successful Indico login but your lecture slide upload access sign still doesn't appear, please notify us right away to check if presenter assignment matches your activated ID.

Since particpants will rely on the uploaded slides to formulate their question during the lecture, it is essential to upload the slides before the lecture starts. Also please turn on the slide page numbers as Q&A questions are seeded by the slide page for faster navigation. As the size of the file to upload might be large and take time to upload, it is recommended to upload the slides at least 20min before the lecture.  

Uploading Slides

If your login userID is the correct one, you should see the upload access symbol

Indico upload symbol

on the right side next to your talk in the time table. If you don't see the upload symbol after successful login, please E-mail us right away to resolve this. Click on the upload symbol will reveal a pull down menu. Selecting "Manage material" will bring up the upload panel:

Indico manage material panel

Click on "Upload File" button will bring up file browser panel on your computer:

Indico file upload panel

to allow you to drag a slide file from the desktop to the upload box use the `choose from your computer' link to navigate to the file. We recommend to only use either power point or PDF formats to guarantee proper display on the console computer. If the upload is successful, reload the Indico agenda page will show the symbols linked to to the uploaded slides. If there are special display materials other than regular PowerPoint or PDF, you can upload the same way, but please alert the organizers to ensure proper display. 

If the Indico access ended up to be problematic to you, please upload the slides to some known online respository such as GoogleDoc or Dropbox familar to you and E-mail us the URL link to allow us pull the presentation to upload. Sending the slides by E-mail to us could be a last resort while that has risk of exceeding mailbox/message size.   

Video Conferencing with ZOOM

Due to the special curcumstances this year, SSI-2020 will be an online remote partipation only event with the ZOOM online conferencing utility. Given the large participaing audience, the event will be run in webinar mode with no direct audio/video engagement from general audience. The lectures will be recorded for public viewing. The lectueres are expected to drive the slides sharing themsevels. There is a 15min dedicated Q&A segment immediately follow each lecture, where the SSI Q&A chair will read out some selected qurestions submitted online through GoogleForm for the lecture to answer. The remeining unanswered questions can hopefully be answered offline in the GoogleForm later by the lecturer.

Before SSI starts

Lecurers will receive E-mail invitations from SSI organizers for joining the ZOOM conference as "panelist". Lecturers are also welcome to join other lectures not given by you as it is quite common during Q&A times, one lecturer may poll another lecturer for opinion on a question. Lecturers will also receive Google invitation for editing rights to the Q&A GoogleForm for your lecture(s) so that you can directly enter answers online. Some general preparations recommended:

  • The expected presentation mode will have lecturer's camera on in conjunction with the shared slide display, but you can nominate to not turn on camera. If you do share the camera, you have the option to use a virtual background by following the ^ menu next to the start/stop video button among the control menu at the bottom of the ZOOM window. 
  • It is recommedned to use integrated audio setup where the speaker and micrphone are from the same device (laptop built-in / headset / audio extension box). A mixed setup e.g. with laptop's mic but a extended external loudspaker can cause bad feedback. 
  • For your presentation with powerpoint or PDF in full screen mode, it is often a source of confusion that not the full screen display is shared. It is useful through practice to see where the full screen display will end up at. One reasonably robust solution is to take note the desktop screen where the full screen display will end up when your presentation file is in the desire location ready to launch the display, then share the entire desktop where the full screen display will appear. 
  • Have the SSI emergency E-mail and phone contact info handy before the lecture in case there is network connection or other issues that may prevent you even connect to ZOOM. 

Conducting Lecture

  • Lecture presentation time is 55min. Session chair will give T-5min warnings. 
  • Upload your slides to Indico at least 20min before lecture.
  • Join ZOOM at least 15min before your lecture to ensure the setup works. For 2nd and 3rd lectures of the day, there will be only a 10min break before your lecture which is the expected window for establishing the setup.
  • In case of audio problems, please use the chat box to talk to All Panelists. In case of problem connecting to ZOOM, please follow the emergency contact instructions to Email AND call. 
  • You can click on participants button to bring up the separate participant panel to see chairs and other lecturers in attendance as some of them may be useful resources for some of the questions. 
  • Share your slides and the Chair will turn ZOOM setup into Speaker Spotlight mode for the lecture, with your shared slides and your camera side by side.  
  • Please do not pay attention to chat box scrolls during lecture and only pay attention to the Chair's interventions. 
  • At the end of the lecture, keep your slides shared as the Q&A to follow will jump back and forth among the slides. 
  • In case you are attending as a panelist to another lecture, please mute audio and turn off video during lecture, but be prepared to help answering questions during the Q&A for that lecture when called upon by the lecturer for that lecture. 

Q &A 

The 15min Q&A segment follows immediately each lecture is dedicated to that specifc lecture. Participants will submit questions during and after lecture through the GoogleForm link next to your lecture in Indico agenda. We will not use the ZOOM chat/raise hand mechanisms for Q&A due to the potential scaling concerns from the large audience. We are using a single GoogleForm for all lectures from the same lecturer. The Q&A Chairs will be monitoring the questions submitted and select some of them to readout to the lecturer for the live answers during Q&A so that the lecturer can keep the slides up on her/his screen to be ready to scroll to the relevant point questioned. Lectuers are also welcome to poll another lecturer among the panelist for answers for some of the questions. Lecturers will be invited with write access to a GoogleDoc with all questions compiled by the Q&A chair for you to edit in the answers offline. There are maybe questions significantly later throughout SSI. SSI chairs will try to notify the lectures for additional questions. The Q&A doc with completed answers will be posted to the Indico Q&A segment immediately follow the lecture.