Photo: Exterior of LCLS

This annual meeting, which traditionally involves 300-400 participants, provides a valuable opportunity for the scientific user community, vendors and other colleagues to interact and discuss the latest science and technology.  

Exhibitor Information

The main exhibit will be held in the hallway outside of the Panofsky Auditorium and in adjacent Trinity Conference Rooms directly across the Panofsky Auditorium where the plenary session and workshops will be held. Tables 1-27 will be available for exhibits September 26 and 27. The High Power Laser Workshop will occur at the same time; exhibits in the SUSB main lobby, Tables L1-L6, will be available late in the afternoon of September 26 and on September 27.

Exhibitor List

19 Agilent 
24 Applied Diamond 
3 Applied Nanotools Inc.
22 Art Robbins Instruments
26 CPI Microwave Power Products
13 Cosmotec Inc
L3 Ebara Technologies
4 Greateyes
27 Huber Diffraction USA
12 Inprentus, Inc.
20 Kurt J Lesker Co
L4 MDC Vacuum
16 Mewasa
15 Mirion Technologies (Canberra)
23 MKS Newport/ Spectra-Physics
2 Molecular Dimensions/ Oxford CryoSystems
21 Nor-Cal Products, Inc.
1 PI (Physik Instrumente) LP
5 Rayonix
18 Rigaku Innovative Technologies,Inc. 
8 SAES Getters USA
7 Smaract
14 Sumitomo (SHI) Cryogenics of America, Inc.
L2 Sydor Technologies 
25 TDK-Lambda Americas
L6 Toyama
L1 Wiener USA
17 XIA