Exhibitor List

Representatives from several companies who provide accelerator and lightsource related equipment and services will participate in an exhibit in conjunction with the joint LCLS/SSRL Users' Conference. Meet with representatives of these companies in the SLAC Science and User Support Building (SUSB 053) on September 26-27, 2018.


Table Exhibiting Company
19 Agilent 
24 Applied Diamond 
3 Applied Nanotools Inc.
22 Art Robbins Instruments
26 CPI Microwave Power Products
13 Cosmotec Inc
L3 Ebara Technologies
4 Greateyes
27 Huber Diffraction USA
12 Inprentus, Inc.
20 Kurt J Lesker Co
L4 MDC Vacuum
16 Mewasa
15 Mirion Technologies (Canberra)
23 MKS Newport/ Spectra-Physics
2 Molecular Dimensions/ Oxford CryoSystems
21 Nor-Cal Products, Inc.
1 PI (Physik Instrumente) LP
5 Rayonix
18 Rigaku Innovative Technologies,Inc. 
8 SAES Getters USA
7 Smaract
14 Sumitomo (SHI) Cryogenics of America, Inc.
L2 Sydor Technologies 
25 TDK-Lambda Americas
L6 Toyama
L1 Wiener USA
17 XIA 


See exhibitor list from 2017, 2016  and 2015 conference.


The LCLS/SSRL Users' Conference Organizers gratefuly acknowledge the support of these representatives.
This does not constitute an endorsement of any exhibitors’ products or services.