Poster Session

Register and Submit Poster for Virtual Poster Competition before September 14, 2020

Presenting a poster is a great way to share your latest research advances and find out what's new from other users. This year, we are asking that just one individual register to present for each poster. Posters should be based on recent results from research done at LCLS or SSRL. This is a requirement if you wish to compete for a Joe Wong Poster Award.

Upload an .mp4 of your presentation, using PowerPoint, Zoom, or similar software. The first slide should be an image of your poster. From there you can include up to 4 more slides formatted however you like. Your entire presentation should not exceed 4 minutes and will be available for viewing by participants and judges throughout the Conference. Time will be provided for live questions and answers on Thursday, October 1, in a breakout session for your designated topic area.



  • Organize poster presentations into sections, including:
    • Introduction
    • Experimental Aim (or problem definition)
    • Experimental Methods (clearly describe how use of the lightsource facilities contributed to the research, if applicable) 
    • Summary of Results
    • Conclusions
  • Practice and be prepared to give a concise (3-4 minute) summary of your poster during the poster session.



* Thank you to Alexey Boubnov for sharing his contribution to the 2018 Poster Blitz:

I’m measuring a spectrum of a catalyst
It’s novel with a promising performance
With single active atoms of iridium
Supported on a metal oxide surface

But how should I interpret it?
There’s no way I can bluff
There’s carbonyls and oxygens
and other magic stuff!

I’m used to simple compounds
That I can quickly purchase
But nothing that’s available
Is quite about as complex

But as of now my dreams are coming true
The code FEFF9 is there at my disposal
I draw the molecule I need on the computer
To have the structure that it is supposed to

For each submitted job out comes a spectrum
A secret I will share with you my friends
Just calculate your spectra using FEFF-code
You work is guaranteed to lead the trend.

Alexey Boubnov ©2018


September 14 is the deadline to register and submit your poster for the 2020 competition.

We look forward to your presentation!

For more information about posters or abstracts, please contact Lisa Dunn.