WED September 30

Wednesday, September 30 am - Plenary Session

Welcome & Updates

  • Welcome & SLAC Update - Chi-Chang Kao, SLAC Director
  • LCLS Update - Mike Dunne, LCLS Director
  • SSRL Update - Paul McIntyre, SSRL Director
  • DOE Office of Science Update - Linda Horton, Associate Director of Science for Basic Energy Sciences

Invited Talks

  • Cynthia Bolme (LANL):  New Light on the Complex Dynamics of Materials under Extreme Conditions
  • Yi Cui (Stanford):  Cryogenic Electron Microscopy for Materials and Energy Sciences
  • Doug Rees (Caltech):  Electrons, Protons and Proteins in Biological Nitrogen Fixation

Virutal LCLS/SSRL Town Hall Discussion with LCLS/SSRL Directors