XLDB-2018 Agenda

Meeting Location

April 30 - May 2, 2018 Paul Brest Hall

  Monday, April 30, 2018  
9:00 am 15 pdf video Welcome, Conference Introductions, Logistics Speaker: Jacek Becla (XLDB2018 Chair)
Healthcare Session 1

Modern healthcare is undergoing a revolution caused by the advent of digital data capture and advanced analytics.  This session will explore how practitioners are using extremely large databases and machine learning to take on these challenges.

9:15 am 15 pdf Introduction,  Intersection of Healthcare, Machine Learning and Big Data Speaker: Somalee Datta  (Stanford)
9:30 am 30 pdf video

Nigam Shah (Biomedical Informatics, Stanford)

Building a machine learning health system...

Chair: Somalee Datta
10:00 am 30 pdf video

Manuel Rivas (Biomedical Data Science, Stanford Medicine)

Large-scale inference across genomes...

10:30 am 20 coffee break  
Special Session: Collaboration and Big Data
10:50 am 20 pdf video

David Glazer (Verily Life Sciences)

A data biosphere for all of us...

Chair: Somalee Datta
11:10 am 20 pdf video

Ian Mathews (Redivis)

Connecting researchers, HPC, and...

11:30 am 20 pdf video

Chaitanya Baru (NSF)

Common Model Infrastructure...


Data Panel

Fielding challenges going from experiments to products: This data panel gathers a group of technologists and scientists to discuss the challenges they face in going from an idea to a product. The discussion will be focused around FAIR data (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable), reproducible analytics, and how regulatory guidelines help or hinder.

11:50 am 40 pdf pdf pdf video Jessilyn Dunn (Neuromuscular Biomechanics Lab, Stanford)
Priya Desai (Stanford Center Genomics and Personalized Medicine)
Christine Kirkpatrick (National Data Service, UCSD)
12:30 pm 60 lunch  
Healthcare Session 2
1:30 pm 30

Sujit Dey (Center for Wireless Communications, UC San Diego)

Predictive and Personalized Virtual Care using...

Chair: K-T Lim (SLAC)
2:00 pm 30 pdf video

R. Adams Dudley (School of Medicine, UCSF)

From big data to real policy: Making EHR data...

2:30 pm 30 pdf video

Mohammad Adibuzzaman (Healthcare Engineering, Purdue)

Big data in the Intensive Care Unit...

3:00 pm 30 pdf video

Duan Xu (UCSF School of Medicine) and
Jason Crane (UCSF School of Medicine)

New Frontiers in Medical Imaging in the Age of Big Data and Precision Medicine

3:30 pm 20 coffee break  
Machine Learning Session 1
3:50 pm 10 Introduction Speaker: Arun Kumar (UCSD)
4:00 pm 30 pdf video

Frank Nothaft (Databricks)

Analyzing Massive Genomics Datasets using...

Chair: Arun Kumar
4:30 pm 30

Tim Kraska (MIT)

Learned Index Structures...

5:00 pm 30

Peter Bailis (DAWN project, Stanford)

Data Infrastructure for the DAWN of...

5:30 pm 90 networking reception  
  Tuesday, May 01, 2018  
Machine Learning Session 2

This session dives deeper into the technology and tools for applying machine learning to large-scale structured data.

9:00 am 15 Introduction Speaker: Paul Brown (Teradata)
9:15 am 25 pdf video

Brian Granger (co-founder Jupyter Project, CalPoly)

Project Jupyter: Reproducible, Scalable,...

Chair: Paul Brown
9:40 am 25 pdf video

Neoklis Polyzotis (Google)

Data Analysis and validation for...

10:05 am 25 pdf video

Michael Mahoney (ICSI and Department of Statistics, UC Berkeley)

Alchemist: An Apache Spark <=> MPI Interface...

10:30 am 20 coffee break  
10:50 am 25

Surajit Chaudhuri (Microsoft Research)

What Data Platforms can do for Machine Learning Workloads...

11:15 am 25 pdf video

Ioannis Papapanagiotou (Netflix)

Machine Learning meets Databases at Netflix...

11:40 am 25 pdf video

Ben Nachman (LBNL/CERN)

Technological imitations for analysis of the biggest scientific dataset: Particle physics at the Large Hadron Collider

12:05 pm 40 Machine Learning Panel Chair: Paul Brown
12:45 pm 60 lunch  
1:45 pm 30 pdf video Lightning talk winner Ozgun Erdogan (Citus Data Inc.) Chair: K-T Lim (SLAC)
Lightning Talks
2:15 pm 30 Lightning talk winner Stephen Brobst (Teradata), Digital Twins and the Future of Analytics  
2:45 pm 40
3:25 pm 20 coffee break  
Internet of Things (IoT) Session

The Internet of Things provides vast amounts of data.  This session explores the specialized database and analytics needs and solutions in this application area.

3:45 pm 5 Introduction Speaker: Dhruba Borthakur (Rockset)
3:50 pm 30 pdf Ian Willson (Boeing) IoT @ Boeing: From Flight Data Recorders to Factory RFID Analytics Chair: Dhruba Borthakur
4:20 pm 30 pdf  video Sila Kiliccote (Grid Innovations, DOE)  
4:50 pm 30 pdf  video Jim Green (Cisco)  IoT Makes Big Data Look Small  
5:20 pm   adjourn  
  Wednesday, May 02, 2018  
Lightning Talks
9:00 am 45 Chair: K-T Lim (SLAC)
Machine Learning Session 3
9:45 am 30 pdf  video Bill Howe (University of Washington) Machine Learning meets Data Curation: Automatic Validation of... Chair: Arno Candel (H2O.ai)
10:15 am 20 coffee break  
10:35 am 30 Ion Stoica (RISELab, Databricks, Berkeley) Ray: A system for distributed AI...  
11:05 am 30 Rajat Monga (TensorFlow, Google) Challenges in Machine Learning Systems...  
11:35 am 30 Jerry Pan (Facebook) Machine Learning at Facebook...  
12:05 pm 20 Machine Learning Panel  
12:25 pm 10 Closing remarks Speaker: K-T Lim
12:35 pm   Lunch  
1:35 pm   adjourn