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Wednesday April 3, 2019

Software and Hardware Trends, Trade-offs and Their Impact on Future of Extreme Scale Databases
9:00 am 10 Welcome, Conference Introductions, Logistics Jacek Becla pdf  
9:10 am 5 Session Introduction Surajit Chaudhuri    
9:15 am 40 Corpus: Exabyte Datasets for Search and Machine Learning Adam Kennedy, Data Engineering Manager, Siri Search, Apple    
9:55 am 40 BlazingSQL & RAPIDS AI: A GPU-accelerated end-to-end analytics platform  Rodrigo Aramburu, BlazingDB pdf  
10:35 am 20 coffee break      
10:55 am 40 Design of BigQuery ML Umar Syed, Google, BigQuery pdf  
11:35 am 40 Programming the Cloud Joe Hellerstein, UC Berkeley, Trifacta    
12:15 am 15 Q & A      
12:30 pm 60 lunch      
1:30 pm 5 Session Introduction Stephen Brobst, Teradata    
1:35 pm  40 3.7 Decades of Quantum Computing Edward (Denny) Dahl, dWave pdf  
2:15 pm 30
Lightning Talks
Eliminating Bias in the Deployment of Machine Learning Stephen Brobst, Teradata Corporation    
Towards Near-Data Processing in Deep and Cold Storage Hierarchies Marcus Paradies, German Aerospace Center pdf  
Data Summaries for Large Scale Aggregation Edward Gan, Stanford University CS pdf  
Evolving the computing technology in extremely large eCommerce data platform: a case study Dennis Weng and Wensheng Wang, pdf  
Teaching Open Datasets to Dance Together Alon Peled, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel pdf  


2:45 pm 35 coffee break and poster session      
3:20 pm 40 Hardware Acceleration for Big Data Analytics and AI Workloads Paolo Narvaez, Intel pdf  
4:00 pm 40 Using High Capacity Flash Based Storage in Extremely Large Databases Keith Muller, UCSD, Teradata pdf  
4:40 pm 20 Q & A and panel discussion      
5:30 pm    reception      

Thursday April 4, 2019

Data Science Meets Scalable Services and Data Platforms
9:00 am 10 Session Introduction Todd Walter    
9:10 am 40 Making Machine Learning More Useful to More People - Some Failures, Some Successes, Many Open Questions Markus Weimer, Microsoft pdf  
9:50 am 40 Databricks Delta: A Unified Data Management System for Real-time Big Data Tathagata Das, Databricks pdf  
10:30 am 20 coffee break      
10:50 am 40 Supercharging Business Decision with AI: Insights, Optimize and Personalize Eddie Ma, Engineering Director, Uber pdf  
11:20 am 40 Detecting novel associations in large data sets David Reshef, MIT    
12:00 pm 30 European Space Agency Gaia Mission as a Classification Machine for Variability Studies Krzysztof Nienartowicz,  2018 lightning talk winner pdf  
12:30 pm 45 lunch      
1:15 pm 15 Brainstorming session about topics for future XLDB events Jacek Becla, K-T Lim    
From Exploration to Real-World Extreme Scale Production
1:30 pm 5 Session Introduction K-T Lim    
1:35 pm  40 Accelerating the Machine Learning Lifecycle with MLflow Matei Zaharia, Stanford pdf  
2:15 pm 40 Promises and Pitfalls of 'Big' Medical Records Data For Research Kathryn Rough, Google pdf  
2:55 pm 20 coffee break      
Social Implications of Extreme Scale Analytical Systems
3:15 pm 5 Session Introduction Todd Walter    
3:20 pm 30 Snorkel: A System for Training Set Modeling Chris Ré, Stanford University    
3:50 pm 30 Enabling Responsible Analytics: Generating Bias-Corrected and Privacy-Preserving Training Data Bill Howe, University of Washington    
4:20 pm 20 discussion panel      
4:40 pm 10 closing remarks Jacek Becla    
4:50 pm    adjourn